Dorein Maykl

Principal, Washington, DC

Advises in business development services for federal contractors using intelligence tools.

About Dorein


As Managing Partner with expertise in Federal Business Development, I’ve consistently utilized insights from Intel Papers to guide our partners through the multifaceted domain of federal contracting. This sector, renowned for its intricacies, necessitates a comprehensive grasp of regulatory nuances, a strategic mindset, and a forward-looking perspective on procurement trends.

Our approach to Opportunity Analysis is methodical. By aligning federal contracts with the strategic objectives of our partners, we ensure that each engagement is optimized, serving both immediate goals and long-term aspirations.

Understanding the Competitive Landscape goes beyond merely identifying key players. It involves deciphering bidder dynamics, analyzing historical performance patterns, and translating these insights into strategic actions. This in-depth perspective often provides our partners with the competitive edge required in challenging bids.

Compliance, while essential, offers more than just a rulebook to adhere to. Through our Regulatory Conformance Guide, we not only navigate the stringent federal procurement standards but also identify potential strategic advantages that can be leveraged.

Relying on the robust data from Intel Papers, our Procurement Trend Analysis offers a dual view: it provides clarity on the current scenario and also anticipates future shifts. This dynamic perspective enables our partners to make real-time decisions while maintaining alignment with their long-term goals.

The Bid Crafting Protocol, though systematic, emphasizes uniqueness. While alignment with federal benchmarks is imperative, we believe in accentuating the distinct strengths of our partners, ensuring their proposals stand out.

In conclusion, from aiding nascent firms in securing their inaugural federal contract to steering seasoned entities in new directions, my commitment is unwavering. In the complex realm of federal contracting, accuracy, strategic foresight, and tailored approaches are paramount to achieving sustained success.

Past Experience

United Nations Development Program, New York City


University of Penn, Wharton,  Analytics

University of West Virginia, FAFE

Rutgers University, BS, Accountancy & Business Admin.



Opportunity Analysis & Framework


Competitive Landscape Overview


Regulatory Conformance Guide:


Procurement Trend Analysis


Bid Crafting Protocol