DCAA Compliance & Strategic Cost Accounting Solutions

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Compliance with Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) Regulations:


DCAA Audit Preparation

Ensures contractors’ financial systems and documentation meet DCAA requirements, priming them for successful audit outcomes.


DCAA Compliant Accounting System Setup

Assists in selecting and implementing accounting software that aligns with DCAA standards, ensuring seamless regulatory compliance.


Timekeeping and Labor Distribution

Implements precise systems to accurately log employee hours and allocate them to respective contracts, ensuring correct labor cost billing. 


Training and Workshops

Educates the contractor’s team on DCAA requirements, enabling informed decision-making and adherence to guidelines.

Cost Accounting & Allocation


Indirect Rate Structure Development

Creates a framework to accurately calculate and apply overhead and other indirect costs to contracts.


Job Costing Systems

Sets up systems that allow for detailed tracking of direct costs linked to specific contracts or tasks.


Identification and Segregation of Unallowable Costs

Helps pinpoint costs not reimbursable by federal contracts, ensuring they’re kept separate and not billed.


Period Cost Reviews and Adjustments

Regularly examines and updates cost allocations to ensure ongoing accuracy in relation to contract work.