Deep Dive into the Atlanta Small Business Grants.

1. Atlanta Open for Business Fund: This program is a real game-changer for small businesses in Atlanta. It’s like a superhero swooping in to save the day, except instead of fighting crime, it’s fighting economic challenges. With a whopping $5.7 million budget, it offers low-cost loans to help small businesses grow ownership of tangible assets. Think of it like a financial boost to help your business become a superhero in its own right!

2. Atlanta Commercial Property Improvement Grant (CPIG): This grant is like a makeover for your business. It offers up to $50,000 to spruce up your commercial property, both inside and out. It’s like giving your business a fresh coat of paint and a new wardrobe, making it ready to take on the world.

3. Atlanta Recovery Loan Program: This loan program is like a financial safety net for your business. It provides up to $100,000 in low-interest loans to help your business obtain tangible assets like real estate. It’s like having a financial guardian angel watching over your business, ensuring it has the resources it needs to thrive.

4. Street Vendor Assistance Program: This program is like a helping hand for street vendors in Atlanta. It provides support for the purchase of vending carts that are compliant with the vending ordinance. It’s like giving street vendors the tools they need to succeed, ensuring they can continue to serve up delicious treats and goods to the community.

5. Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund (BRLF) Program: This program is like a green light for environmental cleanup projects in Atlanta. It provides financing for eligible brownfields clean-up projects within the Atlanta city limits. It’s like giving the environment a much-needed makeover, ensuring a cleaner and healthier future for all.

These programs are like a treasure trove of opportunities for small businesses in Atlanta. Whether you need financial assistance, property improvements, or environmental cleanup, there’s a program out there to help your business thrive. So, don’t be afraid to apply and take advantage of these amazing opportunities. Your business will thank you for it!